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Building resilience     in today's world

Creative experiences to utilize tools within ourselves,

our environments, and our communities to embrace life 

Our GoFundMe allows our camps to be accessible to ALL

Empowering Day Camps for LGBTQ+ Youth

Who We Welcome

Essentially, anyone!  If your kiddo is currently in 6th-8th grade and a camp for LGBTQIA2S+ folks sounds good to them, then it doesn't matter what those letters mean to you - Q for Queer or Q for Questioning?!  A for Ally or A for Asexual!? - no matter, they will be welcome here.  We honor kids of all backgrounds and identities.


What our campers say about CampOUT:

"This camp is NOT cringe."

"CampOUT is basically a queer hangout where you don't have to participate in activites if you're not comfortable... it's a place where you can be yourself without judgement."

"An actually good summer camp."

"It's very laid back and every day is a new surprise."

"This camp is a great place to express yourself however you feel comfortable."

"I like the variety of activities and the freedom we have."

IMG_6762 (1).jpeg

Let's start the summer off right, together. Seeking to find joy in each other, within our selves and in what we CAN change in the world.


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