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With art, movement, music, writing, acting, discussion, and nature available to us all for cheap or free, our goal is model how these types of experiences offered at camp are always within reach.
Our hope is to broaden horizons - no experience or skill level is expected, just an open mind!  We also honor that every activity offered might not be each person's cup of tea and offer the space for any individual to opt to sit back and observe as a form of participation. 
With social needs of our campers also in mind, time is set aside each day for just relaxing, talking, hanging out and enjoying summer.

In this camp, we offer a variety of creative experiences to empower folx to find joy and meaning in daily life.

Summer Camp Runs from 9am - 3pm 

9am - Community Circle and Mindfulness practice. (varies with yoga, tapping, short meditation)


10am - Morning Activities.  (cooking, poetry and creative writing, community building games, arts/crafts/zine making, theater games, among others.)


11:30am - Lunch. Students bring lunch, except the last day where we will prepare a communal meal together


12:30pm - Laurelhurst Park Time.

Walk to Laurelhurst for afternoon activities (workshops/special guests, strolling, tree hugging, story telling, and relaxing in the summer sun...hopefully!) 


1:30pm - Journaling, doodling, and small group sessions (base groups assigned to one counselor all week of 7-8 kids)


2:30pm - Games and closing circle


2:45-3:00pm - Free play/hangout 

Please contact us if your camper has physical or learning needs that might need extra support in accessing these activities. We will do what we can to accommodate!

The camp location will be shared with families once registration is complete. We are centrally located near Laurelhurst Park, by Cesar Chavez & East Burnside.

 We are conveniently near the 20 and 75 bus lines.

Our Location

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