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Registration 2024 Details:

Completing this form and submitting payment finalizes your camp registration. 

Please be sure to complete both payment and submit this form, both are needed for enrollment to be complete.

If a camp session must be cancelled after enrollment is complete, a full tuition refund, minus a $50 administration fee, can be made if parents/guardians notify us in writing, on or before May 15, 2024. After this date, we can only offer a refund (minus admin-free) if your camper's spot can be re-filled.  Once the camp session has begun, there are no refunds for individual days not attended for illness, absence, or for officially ordered closure of any kind. 

Answers to demographic questions are for our data collection and our self reflection, only.  

Participant Information 

Pronouns (check one or multiple)
Session Attending

Parent/Guardian Pick Up Info

Please indicate any additional people who may pick your child up from camp.  Please make sure to have proper ID matching the name listed on this page for camp pick up. Campers will not be released to anyone not listed on this form. 

Campers 13 years and older will be allowed to self-release at the end of camp IF you check the box below.  Be aware, we hold no responsibility for your child once they sign themselves out.

May we use photos of your child in future materials for CampOUT? (Names will not be used). Opt out below if you would like to decline.

WAIVERS and other TERMS:

LIABILITY: I hereby agree and declare that I am the legal parent/guardian of the above-named child and hereby consent to the child's participation in the summer camp ("Camp") put on by campOUT Portland, LLC (the "Company"). I understand that activities at Camp (including arts/crafts, park exploration, physical movement, games, and sports) may result in physical injury to my child. Also, there are inherent dangers to being outside and in nature that beyond the control of the Company, including uneven and slippery surfaces, sharp objects, fallen branches, hazardous plants, animals, and hazardous weather. Having read and signed this waiver, I acknowledge that I understand its intent and release, and discharge the Company, its director Erin Savage, and its respective employees, managers, members, successors, assigns, counselors, and independent contractors from any claims arising out of or related to Camp, including any claims for injury, death, or damages. I understand that the Company and its director, and respective employees, and counselors are not responsible for maintaining the safety of the grounds or facilities where Camp is located.

ILLNESS: I recognize the potential exposure to infectious disease or illness that occurs by attending a camp of this nature. I also agree not to knowingly send my child to camp with a fever over 100 degrees or other signs of illness, such as but not limited to cough, vomiting, or diarrhea. I agree to promptly pick my child up from camp if it is determined these signs of illness present themselves during the camp day.I allow my child to participate in a camper-prepared communal meal and eat snacks offered by camp. I accept any illness or damages that occur from these experiences and allow them to participate or will provide alternative foods.

CONSENT TO TREAT: If the above-named child requires any emergency medical treatment or procedures during the Camp day, I authorize Camp director, Erin Savage, to make decisions and take actions to arrange for such procedures or treatments. I also consent to Erin Savage's discretion the utilization of emergency response services.

ACCEPTANCE OF BEHAVIOR EXPECTATIONS: I agree that my child will conduct themselves in a way that does not threaten the wellness or safty of any other participant or camp staff. If my child's behavior does not follow these expectations I recognize I will be contacted by the camp director to discuss a specific plan of action and that if this plan does not result in a change of behavior, my child may be asked to discontinue or modify their participation in camp, without recourse.

CANCELLATIONS/REFUNDS: If parents/guardians need to cancel their Camp session, Company may provide a full tuition refund, (less a $50 administration fee), if parents/guardians notify in writing, before May 15, 2024. After May 15, 2024, CampOUT may only offer a refund if the camper's spot is re-filled. Once the Camp session has begun, there are no refunds for individual days not attended for illness, absence, or for officially ordered closure.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF CAMP HOURS: I acknowledge the Camp hours of 9:00am to 3:00pm. I am aware of the 8:45am - 9:00am drop off window, and will promptly pickup between 2:45 - 3:00pm.  CampOUT may charge additional fees at its discretion for late pick up after 3:15pm.

I, the parent/guardian, declare that I have carefully read and understand the general provisions, understand its contents, and agree to its terms and conditions. 


I agree to the accuracy of all above provided information and will update CampOUT of any relevant changes.

Credit Card Payment includes a $10 processing fee.

Separate page will open, return here to submit form.

Include child name & session with Venmo payment.

Separate page will open, return here to submit form.

Thanks for submitting!
You will receive confirmation of your registration by email.

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